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          Welcome to Anshan Jiapeng Compressor Co., Ltd!
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          Medium pressure oil-free air compressor

          Adopt to revive plug differential structure, single action air cooling, three-stage compression: integral circulation aluminum intercooler, ensure exhaust temperature. Free combination of single and double units, automatic pressure regulator control, start freely, no need for special personnel on duty. It is equipped with air storage tank to provide stable air source, low vibration, low noise, long service life and convenient maintenance. Provide medium pressure pure gas source, discharge gas without oil content, pollution of secondary products and gas facilities.

          Widely used in the process environment requiring medium pressure (1.6Mpa ~ 3.5Mpa,  4.0Mpa);

          It is more suitable for the occasions with high requirements for gas source, such as tightness test, pressure test, plastic blowing, bottle filling, high pressure leak detection, pipeline cleaning, electronic components, oil exploitation, etc.


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