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      Welcome to Anshan Jiapeng Compressor Co., Ltd!
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      1. According to the actual requirements of gas stations and chemical plants, this compressor head is designed independently and manufactured by our company after a complete type test demonstration. It has the characteristics of compact structure, low noise, small vibration, energy saving and cost-effective. It can completely replace the similar imported brands.

      2. The compressor shall be delivered in accordance with relevant national standards, with reference to GB / t3853-2017, GB / t7777-2003, GB / t4980-2003, JB / t8933-2008), each equipment shall undergo strict air tightness test before leaving the factory: water immersion test shall be adopted, and fluororubber gasket / O-ring shall be adopted at each joint, without any gas leakage; moreover, And it can work at temperatures above - 30 ℃, and at temperatures above - 65 ℃ and lower, it can be specially customized.

      3. Features of main parts:
      Cylinder body: after special chemical treatment, improve the surface accuracy, increase the wear resistance and prolong the use time;
      Valve plate ---- made of stainless steel, integrated structure, longer service life, lower exhaust temperature;
      Bearings ---- all add anti-oxidation, corrosion-resistant, high temperature resistant imported grease, making the bearing run longer.
      Piston ring and guide ring: the material is filled with polytetrafluoroethylene, with high temperature resistance and excellent self-lubricating performance;

      4. Main technical parameters:
      Model: vws-0.15/7
      Power: 1.5kw
      Speed: 920 R / min
      Inlet and outlet: RC3 / 4
      Cylinder diameter * quantity: Φ 65 * 2
      Compression series: first compression
      Boundary dimension: 465 * 300 * 370mm
      Weight: 25kg


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