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          Welcome to Anshan Jiapeng Compressor Co., Ltd!
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          Manufacturer's genuine goods 

          The company's professional R & D team is dedicated to the R & D of various compressors to meet the needs of different users.

          Strictly control the quality of supporting plants, strictly control the quality of external components, and ensure the first-class overall quality.

          Direct supply from the manufacturer, reduce the intermediate links, and save your budget.

          Jiapeng compressor, ideal choice, worry free service!


          About color

          As it is mass production, please refer to the actual color.

          I believe you can understand that the important thing is not the color, but the internal quality of the product.

          Please believe that the air compressor produced by our company has beautiful and generous appearance,Can also ensure product quality!

          About customer service

          All products sold in Anshan Jiapeng Compressor Co., Ltd. have a shelf life of one year according to relevant national "Three Guarantees".

          If you have any questions, you are welcome to call us for consultation, and we will give you a reasonable solution.

          About Delivery

          The whole machine and large-scale accessories are packed in wood, and delivered by the logistics company, so as to ensure that the products can reach your hands safely and undamaged.

          Other accessory products are delivered by express company.

          Our company cooperates with many express companies, Deliver the product to you as soon as possible


          National contact number



          Anshan Jiapeng Compressor Co., Ltd.   LIAO ICP bei 20002990   Business license

          Address: Nandi Industrial Park, Qianshan District, Anshan City, Liaoning Province

          Mobile: 13065436088, 13704225157, 138042426143

          Fax: 0412-8242945

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