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      Welcome to Anshan Jiapeng Compressor Co., Ltd!
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      Features of Jiapeng all oil free air compressor:

      ◆ The friction components are made of special self-lubricating materials, which can work without adding any lubricating oil;
      ◆ The discharged air is free of oil, which can relieve the troubles of oil on gas facilities and secondary products;
      ◆ Excellent environmental and social benefits;
      ◆ Patrol twice a day, convenient for use and maintenance;
      ◆ Adopt oil-free design, no oil in crankcase and compression cylinder;
      ◆ High service life, all models are driven by 4-stage motor, low speed, stable operation, intercooler cavity design, low temperature system, to ensure that the exhaust temperature, tongue valve design resistance loss is smaller.


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      Anshan Jiapeng Compressor Co., Ltd.   LIAO ICP bei 20002990   Business license

      Address: Nandi Industrial Park, Qianshan District, Anshan City, Liaoning Province

      Mobile: 13065436088, 13704225157, 138042426143

      Fax: 0412-8242945

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